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Our Values

​These are the six values that we want every member of the Cobblestone team to be living and breathing. It is our responsibility to make sure that we ourselves, and those around us are following these values and to give them a nudge in the right direction when we feel that someone is not embodying these values: 

  1. Lifelong learning with continuous reflection  

  2. Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas 

  3. The team is more important than the individual  

  4. Being the best in any market we enter 

  5. Hiring and keeping only the most effective people 

  6. Others must benefit from our existence


  • Working with us will help you make the most of your potential, personally and professionally. If you are bright, a life long learner and want to constantly push yourself, then you belong with us.

  • At Cobblestone you will have exciting and challenging career. We offer an empowering environment allowing you to maximise your potential to fulfil your development goals.

  • We have immense growth opportunities that ensure all our individuals rise above their roles and add the most value while reaping the fulfilment of a successful and exciting professional experience.

  • We face new challenges all the time and we are looking for individuals that love to solve problems and innovate, bringing new ways to how we work and succeed as a team.

  • Strong rewards and benefits; we reward great performance. At Cobblestone, we offer some of the best compensation in the industry. We believe in nurturing the best talent, and paying them at the top of the market. Great performance ought to be rewarded and we remain transparent and accountable with our compensation goals for everyone.

  • Make an impact. With our emphasis on research and development, you are in great position to work on meaningful tasks that create an impact on the industry at large. Every decision counts and information is our greatest resource. We value individuals that pay great attention to detail and are competent problem solvers.


The Cobblestone Graduate Training Program is designed to prepare our new recruits for a high impact career in the commodity trading space.

It is a 12-month program that covers rotations in both Trading and Analytics. It is a comprehensive scheme to help you develop the tools required to be highly effective. It is challenging, exciting, and will push you to be your best self. High performers who have proved themselves can graduate earlier than a year from the program.

Talent knows no borders, we are recruiting globally for outstanding people to join our team. Please see the available vacancies for more details and how to apply.