Announced: 29-10-2019


We are looking for a software developer that is passionate about planning, building and deploying data-driven products and web services. You'll drive and lead the development of several products and services.


Type oF Work

Cobblestone Energy specializes in the trading of the short-term wholesale electricity markets in Europe. We make use of technology and fundamental demand and supply analysis to make profitable trading decisions.
You will work with other software developers, analysts and technical leaders to grow our capability in excellent UI development tools, processes and techniques.


  • At least 2 years of professional software Development experience.
  • Demonstrate experience in developing software applications that consume, process and analyze web-data in a production environment
  • Experience using Python and or C#, Java, Go for creating data processing applications as backends.
  • Experience gathering and modifying data from different web sources in varying formats.
  • Knowledge in building and using Relational Databases for data warehousing.
  • Ability to use improved software Development practices like Unit testing, Version control, performance profiling and project management tools.
  • Experience using Cloud Techologies like AWS, Google-Cloud, MS-Azure for hosting and delivering maintainable software applicatioons.
  • Good communication skills for team collaboration and work reporting.
  • Should be ready to work full-time.
In addition, any experience of the following would be advantageous
  • Experience building an in-production data anaylysis tool / platform
  • An A or B grade in A-level mathematics (Attach pass-slip copy to application email if so)


We are a diverse Team. All East African nationals are encouraged to apply.

Please send your CV/resume with an optional cover letter and a link to your public git profile / portfolio to hr@cobblestoneenergy.com with the subject: Backend Developer

NOTE: You could be required to do a psychometric test as part of the interview process